Acer software for Windows 8

At Acer, we strive to create software that is intuitive and useful for today's Modern Day Explorers. Take our touch-enabled products, for example: They feature lots of innovative applications that make using Windows 8 more convenient, fun and productive!

Acer software for Windows 8

Acer Quick Access

Acer Quick Access makes it fast and easy to adjust the settings you use most often. You can quickly toggle individual wireless devices on or off, change power-off USB charge settings, modify network sharing options, and much more.1


Acer Explorer

Acer Explorer helps you discover the programs and apps preloaded on your device, as well as special apps that you can download from the Windows Store. Acer Explorer also includes tutorials for many devices and lets you know how to utilize Acer's support.

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Acer Touch Tools2

Acer Touch Tools provide touch-optimized utilities for working efficiently -- without a physical keyboard or mouse.



When using a touchscreen to work on detailed files like Excel sheets, fingers can be a bit too big. AccuFinger solves that problem! With this tool you can use your finger to select tiny items and place them in precise insertion points on a touchscreen. AccuFinger also makes it easy to drag small bars or columns, resize windows and open pop-up menus with the tip of your finger.

Acer Screen Grasp3

Whether you're using a desktop app or a Windows Store app, Screen Grasp makes it easy to capture, edit and share screenshots with the convenience of touch.


Multi-select allows you to perform tasks faster by selecting multiple things at the same time on the touchscreen. Simply tap the multi-select icon once to start selecting and tap it again to stop.

ESC simulation

The escape key on a keyboard provides useful functions in many programs and Windows 8. You can take advantage of all these functions without a keyboard by tapping the ESC icon in Acer Touch Tools.

Touch Tools settings

Settings for all the tools are just a touch away. Quickly modify the pointer size and timeout for AccuFinger, or select either right- or left-hand operation to optimize pointer orientation for the selected mode.

Windows Store Apps


Thanks to Scrapboard, capturing images with touch has never been easier. Every image you save is automatically indexed and made available to share with just a touch of your finger.



MemoryBinder is exclusive to the Aspire R7-572 convertible notebook. With this cool tool, you can bring your images to life by creating artful collages accented by captions, drawings and more -- all by touch!

1 Specifications vary depending on model.
2 Preloaded on all Acer touchscreen notebooks, tablets and all-in-ones running Windows 8.1.
3 Screen Grasp requires additional installation to be available in Acer Touch Tools.