Operating System

Create an Acer ID

With an Acer ID, you can enjoy warranty service and the Acer BYOC Apps (abApps) which include abPhoto, abFiles, abMusic and abDocs.

If you do not have an Acer ID, you can sign up for one through any of the abApps. If you already have an Acer ID, please sign in.

If you do not have abPhoto installed on your Windows PC, please install it now (Windows 7 or later is supported).

Set up your Personal Cloud Storage

To enjoy abPhoto, you will need at least one PC and one mobile device with abPhoto installed. In addition, you must set a PC as your Personal Cloud Storage.

Set up abPhoto on your other device(s)

Please set up abPhoto on your other mobile devices after you have set up your Personal Cloud Storage.

Note: Currently Acer Photo for iOS supports most of the functions of abPhoto. abPhoto for iOS will be ready this Autumn.