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What Is Answers by Acer?

Answers by Acer is a 24/7 support service offered by Acer's third party partner that is designed to give you smart comprehensive solutions to all of your technology questions. What makes it different from other types of tech support is that it covers technology outside of your PC as well - giving you direct access to expert-level support and advice for almost any gadget, hardware or software you've got a question about.

Acer's third party industry experts are available round-the-clock to help you resolve any issues related to your PC, peripheral devices, software and networking - or even "around the house" technology, like setting up your high-definition TV. Whether you need a hand connecting your printer, transferring a home movie or removing a computer virus, we can help. Our goal is to provide you with easy-to-understand solutions that equip you with the tools necessary to maximize what you get from your technology.

Answers by Acer is offered to you by Acer's third party service, is the authorized reseller and merchant of the Answers By products and services offered within this store. offers the products and services under the terms of sale ("Terms") found at and apply to all purchases of the services.

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15 Issue Plan (1 yr)
30 Issue Plan (2 yr)

Answers by Acer Single Issues Only

Single Issue
Estimated Time
Frame 15-20
mins of how to
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Single Issue
Estimated Time
Frame 20-30
mins of how to
and showing
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1 Cards and unused minutes or incidents expire one year from the date of issue or on the earliest date permitted under applicable law, whichever occurs later. The toll-free number is valid in U.S. only. Any unused minutes or incidents will remain in the recipient's account except where required by law. Cards are not redeemable for cash except where required by law. Acer reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time at its discretion. We cannot replace lost or stolen cards except where required by law. Cards are non-transferable.

The above specifies the products currently supported by Answers by Acer. Acer may change the supported products at its discretion. Answers by Acer includes tutorial assistance with installation, integration, and product functionality. Acer technicians will attempt to provide assistance with supported products but may not be able to resolve all issues presented. Service methods are subject to change without notice or obligation. Acer is not responsible for any hardware or software failures that could result from this service.


$19.99 How to/Diagnostic Pin

Estimated Time frame 15-20 mins of how to.

  • How to edit a picture
  • How to drag and drop for back up
  • How to use Microsoft Office Word - Example: Spell check
  • How to create a short cut on desktop
  • How to change desktop wall-paper
  • How to change home page
  • How to add favorites
  • How to upload pictures - Example Facebook, Social networking, eMail
  • Diagnose HDD issues
  • Diagnose Software issues/probing

$29.99 How to/Diagnostic Pin

Estimated Time frame 15-20 mins of how to.

  • Installation of software/1 Driver
  • Setting up wireless router
  • How to use eMail account
    • Attachments
    • Creating new folders
    • Spam filtering
  • Security setup of software
  • Initial setup for computer
  • Setup of Printers or Accessories
  • First time Wireless set up/secuirity - how to
  • Initial printer hook-up

$79.99 Netbook Only

Cost sensitive for lower cost netbooks.

  • Inquire directly with a Sales Agent